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Leading Artificial Grass Installations in Canoga Park, CA

Artificial Grass Solutions provides high-quality and quick turnaround synthetic turf installs in Canoga Park, California. Click below and get your quote.

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Artificial Grass Solutions (Canoga Park) is your reliable landscape and fake green partner that helps you transform any indoor or outdoor space into something it truly deserves. No matter the type or setup, we can deliver and help you install our cost-effective solution to improve the look and feel of your space.

Experience Crew

Our team of fake green experts can do an excellent job in transforming your dream project yard into a reality.

Premium Turf

We only use high-quality fake yard green products to ensure the stability and durability of your fake green system.

warranty for your grass


Our long-term warranty in the Canoga Park area ensures that you and your fake green system are protected at all costs.

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In search of an artificial grass service for your residential or commercial space? Connect with us and explore your options here.


Have a barren property that needs some renovation? The answer is here with our artificial grass lawn system.

Pet Turf

Whether you own pet dogs or cats, our pet turf is the perfect solution to reduce odors all thanks to our great drainage system.

Putting Greens

Transform your backyard to your very own putting green corner to finally master your putting skills.

Sports & Playgrounds

Sports fields and playgrounds are much better with a fake green lawn to minimize maintenance costs thanks to its durable build.

Rooftops & Patios

Save space and money while converting your rooftop or patio lawn/backyard into a cozy retreat.

Commercial Turf

Upscale your business outdoor space with a touch of green through this cost-effective solution.


Contact us for a quick turnaround quote!

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Our straightforward process ensures you get the most out of your project. Here's how our service works.

Site Visit

We'll conduct an on-site visit in your yard to assess the best solution for your front lawn or backyard.

Quick Estimate

After making contact, we can detail our quick estimate for all the potential costs which we'll adjust with your working budget for the project.

High Quality Install

After careful planning and assessment, we'll commence artificial grass installation using high-quality products from our suppliers.


Check out what our satisfied clientele have said about the work we've done with them.

Cody Anderson
Cody Anderson
I recently used Artificial Grass Solutions and I couldn't be happier with my installation! The team was professional, efficient, and the end result was a beautiful, lush fake grass lawn that requires very little maintenance. I highly recommend Artificial Grass Solutions for anyone looking for a low-maintenance and eco-friendly lawn.
Tarah Beecher
Tarah Beecher
I had Artificial Grass Solutions complete my installation and I was very pleased with the results. They were always on time and very professional. The installation went really fast and the results are amazing.
Cornell Romon
Cornell Romon
We needed artificial grass installed right away. The team accommodated us with ease. They worked tirelessly and professionally all weekend to prepare and lay the groundwork. We are overjoyed with the finished product, which is a fantastic lawn! Rates comparable to other quotes, a competent crew, and a high-quality product. Excellent customer service.
We had a great experience with Artificial Grass Solutions. The initial consult answered all of our questions and planned the landscaping to fit our needs. We have a large dog and small kids, so we were concerned about durability and safety. All of our concerns were addressed. The team was timely and responsive. Our new lawn is beautiful and functional, and the kids love playing on it!
Thi Beals
Thi Beals
I can see how much more professional they are in their business approach, as well they were really nice to speak with too. The initial cost was high as my lawns unfortunately were so overrun, but they did a fantastic job! They worked hard! Their subsequent ongoing quote is fair and I look forward to great lawns! The cost was reasonable and they finished the job on time. Our front yard looks fantastic now.
Lasonya Sawczyszyn
Lasonya Sawczyszyn
Excellent service! We recently had this company landscape our front yard and installed artificial grass, and we couldn't be happier. Amazing product and thorough quality of work. They were very prompt and extremely professional. Nothing was too difficult, and the task was completed with a great outcome.
adam z
adam z
I highly recommend Artificial Grass Solutions for turf installation. From start to finish they were great and spent the time to go over the different types of turf to use for my lawn. Quick and easy process and they installed same week. Best turf guys in Los Angeles!
Chelsey Borson
Chelsey Borson
Artificial Grass Solution did an excellent job with our installation. I first reached out to them via a phone call and we scheduled a site visit. The team showed up right on schedule which I appreciated. They provided me with a bid that was very competitive with the other companies I met. I decided to move forward with them for my fake grass installation because of their professionalism and price. On installation day, the crew arrived on time. The installation was completed on schedule and the turf looks amazing. I'm very happy with my decision to go forward with them. I refer friends to them every time I get. If you're indecisive on who to move forward with for your artificial grass installation, feel confident choosing them.
I used Artificial Grass Solutions to install fake grass in my front yard. I’m so please with how the turf came out. No more dead patches. I would definitely recommend them for a fast and affordable artificial grass solution.


See every project we've worked on for businesses and homeowners in Canoga Park, CA. Check the gallery here.

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Check out the many benefits of artificial grass turf on your property.

Low Water Bill

Cut down water bill costs and save water with your own artificial grass turf system.

Low Maintenance

Save money from hiring a landscape or gardening service. An artificial grass lawn is your low-maintenance alternative.

Enjoy Entertaining

No matter your location, your new turf is the perfect venue for accommodating guests for parties or events.

Artificial Grass Solutions

We service Los Angeles and most of Southern California.




1355 Westwood Blvd Ste 201, Los Angeles, CA 90024


How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Canoga Park?

If you're in the market and considering synthetic turf or artificial lawn for your front or backyard, the pricing would vary depending on many factors. Some of them include the following:

- soil condition
- drainage
- accessibility
- elevation
- irrigation
- synthetic turf material

On average, artificial grass prices range from $7 to $18. You can learn more about this on your next landscape project when you talk to your contractor or landscape partner regarding the type of artificial grass you would like to use.

Is Fake Grass Safe for Babies and Children?

The type of artificial grass is safe for infants and young children. As children tend to touch their surroundings, especially in a playground, for example, we know how concerning it might be to know what type of chemicals they are exposed to in this type of environment. Rest assured, the synthetic turf products we use are 100% lead-free and non-toxic.

Additionally, our synthetic grass has met health and industry standards to ensure the welfare of children. Plus, they're also antimicrobial so you can lessen your worry about their exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.

How Hot Does Artificial Turf Get in Canoga Park?

Synthetic turf can get pretty hot especially on an unusually warm day compared to natural grass. It could get at least 40° to 80° hotter than its surrounding surfaces. Unlike real grass that doesn't use infills, artificial grass gets hotter due to some elements used such as silicon retaining heat. It would be helpful to use lighter material for infills, to make your artificial grass turf cooler.

You can also talk to your landscape company to purchase green turf material that has better cooling properties. These types of artificial grass are perfect for a household lawn or a pet yard.

Do I Need to Clean Fake Grass?

Once you've decided to get an artificial grass turf for your lawn, you'll find out that your artificial lawn doesn't need maintenance, unlike true grass. You won't need to mow or water your yard just to preserve it. However, it is helpful to have a deep cleaning done in your backyard or front lawn every once in a while with your preferred company to maintain its fantastic appearance.

Will Installation Reduce Insects and Bugs?

Artificial grass installation helps repel insects and other pests since there is no dirt or soil to keep them, especially for their food source. It's one of the benefits you'll get from owning an artificial lawn. Of course, this will still depend on your location and if there's the presence of other plants or surrounding soil in your area.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Your artificial grass yard is created as a sustainable alternative. An artificial grass lawn is built with long-term durability in mind so it's not surprising to find out that they can last for up to 15 years. Of course, there are many factors to consider in preserving the longevity of your artificial grass turf system. The elements (such as rain), and heavy foot traffic in the area will affect its form and durability too.

How Long Will Artificial Turf Installation Return on My Investment?

We all know that the ultimate goal of having fake green turf is to save money. You'll be glad to know that you would be able to reap your hard-earned cash from investing in your artificial grass turf system in about 3 to 5 years. Around this period, you have saved a lot from all the cutbacks you get from your water bill and maintenance costs.

Which Suppliers of Artificial Grass do We Trust in Canoga Park?

We are proud to work with only the finest professional companies in Canoga Park, CA in providing us with high-quality artificial grass turf materials for every project we have worked on. Our team has collaborated successfully with these partners: Smart Turf, Imperial Synthetic Turf, Artificial Turf Supply.

Artificial Grass vs. AstroTurf

Here are the stark differences between artificial grass and AstroTurf.

Artificial grass

- Synthetic or man-made that resembles actual grass.
- Can be used for many applications such as for schools, athletic fields, golf, residential, and commercial.
- Comes in a wide variety of types.
- Promotes sustainability and can help save water.


- A US-based company
- Manufactures artificial grass lawn and turf products
- One of the biggest companies in the artificial turf industry.

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Artificial Grass Solutions Los Angeles is a Southern California fake grass installations company offering you a variety of high-quality synthetic turf options for your outdoor space.

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