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Leading Artificial Grass Installations in Southern California

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Our artificial grass installation solutions focus on providing quality alternatives in Los Angeles. Whether it's putting greens or elevating your curb appeal, we're sure to deliver.

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Our well-trained artificial grass installation experts are fully equipped to bring you excellent service.

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Residential lawns in Los Angeles are pristine because of the quality we provide.

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Our only guarantee is that your installation can withstand the test of time thanks to our quality approach.

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Our installation process guarantees you that you'll get high-quality turf systems that are worth being proud of. We put quality and dedication at top of our priorities.


Artificial Grass Solutions can upgrade any front and back yards with immaculate fake grass.

Pet Turf

If you're looking for truly pet-friendly pet areas, our pet turf options are worth looking for.

Putting Greens

Golf greens or putting greens at home is now possible thanks to your own putting green turf system.

Sports & Playgrounds

Transform play areas into safer and more sustainable places where one can enjoy while reaping environmental benefits.

Rooftops & Patios

Your open space can immediately become a work of art that your neighbors will surely envy.

Commercial Turf

Apart from the many environmental benefits, you'll also increase the visibility of your store and foot traffic.


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As we install artificial turf in the California area, you're getting premium service and superior products that would elevate your outdoor space.

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Our team will drop by and assess your outdoor space.

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After our free consultation, we can automatically compute the initial amount which we can adjust with your working budget.

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Installing synthetic grass professionally ensures that you're getting a sturdy lawn and a reliable servicing team.


The right turf for you is within reach. Check out the gallery of synthetic lawns we've made for our satisfied clientele.

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fake grass installation facing backyard with pool


Here are the many benefits you'll find in owning synthetic lawns. Let's look at each one of them.

Low Water Bill

Save water and save money while owning a beautiful lawn altogether, especially when you don't water your grass system.

Low Maintenance

You can cut maintenance costs because you won't be needing a gardener to tend to your artificial lawns.

Enjoy Entertaining

Convert your front yard into a host's dream with its beautifully-landscaped aesthetic.

Artificial Grass Solutions

We service Los Angeles and most of Southern California.




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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Beverly Hills?

Installing artificial grass, especially in the Beverly Hills area, may have people thinking that it's more expensive compared to other artificial lawns in other parts of Southern California. Prices range from $5 to $18 and will all depend on many factors, including your lawn size plus the type of artificial turf you would want.

Is Fake Grass Safe for Babies and Children?

Generally, artificial lawns are just as safe as natural grass lawns. Synthetic grass is created with safety in mind. Most artificial turf material is created to be non-toxic and lead-free, and also contain antimicrobial properties. You'll gain confidence in knowing that children can play without any health worries weighing you down.

How Hot Does Artificial Turf Get in Beverly Hills?

According to many findings, synthetic turf may get twice as hot as its ambient surface—even hotter than natural grass. Despite that, many offerings allow for better cooling in many surface areas. You can ask your manufacturer to install artificial grass that has better cooling properties too.

Do I Need to Clean Fake Grass?

What's good with synthetic grass is it takes minimal effort to maintain them. That's because a quality synthetic turf system installed nowadays is created to withstand tough exterior conditions while preserving its structure. But for tougher stains or larger debris, a hard-bristled brush, a leaf blower, or a power washer can do the job just fine.

Will Installation Reduce Insects and Bugs?

Installing synthetic grass noticeably reduces the presence of bugs, particularly unwanted pests. For as long as there's proper drainage and the artificial grass lawn was installed properly.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

A high-quality artificial turf may last you a good decade (10 to 15 years), granted it is maintained well. A synthetic lawn is an excellent alternative to a real grass lawn.

How Long Will Artificial Turf Installation Return on My Investment?

If you're looking for significant savings, then owning an artificial lawn will surely help you do that. You'll be able to reap the value of your synthetic turf system for at least 3 to 5 years, especially when combining the money you'll save from maintenance costs and water bills.

Which Suppliers of Artificial Grass do We Trust in Beverly Hills?

We take pride in working with reputable and dependable artificial grass installers. These companies are some of the best and trusted companies in Beverly Hills up to the Santa Monica area: Smart Turf, Imperial Synthetic Turf, Artificial Turf Supply.

Artificial Grass vs. AstroTurf

As with most people, you can easily confuse the two although they may mean two entirely different things. But to help you distinguish both of them better.

Artificial grass - faux or man-made grass used as a viable alternative for true greens.

AstroTurf - is the brand most recognizable in the US for artificial turf products.

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Artificial Grass Solutions Los Angeles is a Southern California fake grass installations company offering you a variety of high-quality synthetic turf options for your outdoor space.


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